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SEO Expert-Internet Marketing Specialist-Webmaster


A top ranking website by carefully chosen keywords will generate more traffic. Visitors generate leads, many will become clients, sales will increase as a natural consequence.

Hi, I’m Peter J, a professional SEO Expert, Internet Business Consultant and Webmaster from Miami, FL

I provide effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) | Local Business Listing | Social Media Marketing Strategies | SEO Classes and Training | Sales Funnels for the Small Business and Professionals.

Do you want a well designed and perfectly optimized website?  WordPress or Joomla? I can build it for you.

“I will rank your website or video on Page #1 of the Search Engines”

In the world of Internet / Digital Marketing there are so many tools and resources available. Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO is just one of them. Considered the most powerful online advertising strategy, SEO is also a very complex and time consuming process.

Well, the thing is I love SEO and I am willing to work for my clients until getting their websites and all their digital properties (blog posts, videos, images, docs etc..) on the very top of the search results of all the search engines available.

Call me at (305) 450-9255 | Hablo Español

Peter Jimenez

I welcome any type of business as well as professionals who wish to have their sites optimized and highly positioned on the WWW.

Peter J (Professional webmaster, SEO Specialist and Internet Marketing Consultant)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is all about ranking or positioning digital properties (websites) on top of the different search engines. It is part of a series of tools available in the Internet Marketing World.

The goal is to generate online targeted traffic to your website / videos (which is very effective if done correctly). I have a particular passion for SEO, I understand it and I have mastered its complexity and potential.

Try me, you will be very pleased with the results!!!

(305) 450-9255 | Hablo Español