24 tips for brands to soar in Instagram

Wondering how to use images and short videos to improve your customer’s experience with your brand? Have you considered creating a profile of your company on Instagram to make your brand visible in a new market?

The solution is as simple as opening an account, yes, the difficulty appears in keeping it updated and dynamic. Here are some tips:

1. Become familiar with the Instagram for Bussines user manual.

It is a blog run by the social network itself where we can find tips and examples to keep our profile.

2. Find the balance between funny images and images of your business.

We must take advantage of the effect of funny or touching images with our followers, and see what kind of images they like best. If we publish them on a regular basis together with images of our business, we will end up getting you to love them in a similar way, since they will associate the brand with that other content that they also like.

3. “Cultivate” followers.

To get the number of our followers to increase, some recommendations are: connect your profile with your Facebook page for those followers who do not know that the company is also on Instagram, use important and popular hashtags that can connect with our content and commit with other profiles, following their accounts and “liking” their photos.

4. Publish short videos through this social network.

With the recent appearance of the videos on Instagram, its now competitor Vine (videos for Twitter), has hit a notable downturn. Instagram videos offer better conditions thanks to its ability to apply filters, editing and its duration of 15 seconds compared to 6.5 Vine.

5. Publish the videos on other pages in your domain.

As we never know who can see your posts on social networks, better make sure the content is similar on all our platforms. Share your Instagram videos on your website or Facebook profile to increase the ability to expand content.

6. Follow your followers.

The people you follow in a social network make a difference in your profile. Interestingly, most brands with face-to-face on Instagram, do not follow their followers. To create strategic relationships through this network, look for brands and people may interest you or may be useful and learn from them among your followers, and follow them.

7. Create a flexible publication plan.

It is not necessary to publish every day on Instagram, or inaugurate the profile by publishing many photos as it can saturate your followers. It is better to create a schedule or calendar of when to publish and at what time it is best for each content.

8. Harness the power of applications.

There are applications that improve the use of your published photos. Some allow users to print the photos, search for keywords that are currently being used, subscriptions to Instagram profiles via email … and many more, it is a matter of doing some research and seeing which ones are useful to us.

9. Inspire your potential customers.

Why not publish photos that have relevance in the lifestyle of our customers?
For example, the North American supermarket of organic food Whole Foods Market, publishes photos promoting organic farming and a healthy lifestyle.

10. Combine the photos with and without filter.

According to a Simply Measured study, the filters most used by companies are Lo-fi, Valencia, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Sierra, X-Pro II and Hefe. Why not be a bit original and use all the filters, combining them with some original photos?

11. Take advantage of Instagram for a business perspective change.

Instead of looking for the sale of products, in this social network it is better to focus on other aspects such as the interests inherent in our client. Show a different perspective of the world that is consistent with the image of the company.

12. Use Facebook to host photo contests on Instagram.

A good way to keep our audience connected to social networks is to organize a contest that involves two of our profiles. Create a hashtag that represents an idea for your company and launch a contest to involve your customers and followers with your brand.

13. Market your brand using trends.

Like Twitter’s #followfriday, Instagram has its own hashtags for each day of the week such as #ManCrushMonday or #SelfieSunday. Find out what label has to do with your marketing strategy and use it to make your photo visible to more people.

14. Create a network with Instagram

Thanks to tags, you can create a network that unifies the content of all your profiles using the same hashtags.

15. Optimize your profile

Instagram profiles, like those of other social networks, need to include brand information specifically. It is appropriate that you include all the information that your customers may need about your company.

16. Analyze your presence on Instagram.

Thanks to the BlitzMetrics and Curalate applications, we can continue our activity in this social network to know if we are having the desired impact.

17. Reward your followers.

Many brands and profiles reward invitations to events, discounts or raffles of products to their followers and thus keep their audience active.

18. Show your employees.

Showing employees of the company is not only an indicator of transparency but also shows the appreciation of the staff.

19. Offer your followers a visual experience.

Try to find a creative way to show your followers how and why to use their products.

20. Use hashtags related to your sector.

So people interested in your market and follow similar companies, you can find your profile too.

21. Share the important moments of the company with videos.

Taking advantage of the 15 seconds of video, you can make your followers part of the moments of relevance for your company.

22. Expand your exposure to other brands.

As already said in point number 6, it is very useful to follow other brands on Instagram. With the Statigram application, it will be easier to find companies related to your brand.

23. Forward events.

This way they will hook their followers and they will try to be aware of what is happening.

24. Laugh.

Instagram is perfect for sharing funny or relaxed moments that are not working all the time, so we will show our daily part to our followers, causing them sympathy.